Friday, March 16, 2012

Hey There....Swedish Mama

One of my favorite brands,You! Lingerie - maker of sexy pregnant and nursing lingerie, just posted some pics to their blog. It was from an event in Sweden, of all places. The pics were from one of Sweden's leading online retailers in the maternity space, GlamMom. They put together a press event to showcase the sexy maternity and nursing lingerie lines they carry. Below is my favorite picture. It's my fav because (1) I have that very same bra and love it and (2) this model obviously didn't just have a baby but is inspiration for me to get my body back together.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Couple of Pics for Y'all

What do you think about this. It's from a brand called You Lingerie. From what I gather, its a new line of sexy nursing bras that are at a moderate price point.

I love this color. Its called Isis Blue. The aqua (that's what I'd call it) is just stunning. I have never seen any nursing bras like this before. I think I may have to get this one the boobies come in.

What do y'all think!

Another hot one is Berry Monroe. Whoever name this line is too cute.

I love this one too! Which one would you pick?
Come and get some!

These are some of the best blogs out there that our on my level. Give you ladies all the hot sexy nursing bras...that sounded creepy,huh?

At any rate, check these ladies out and let me know what you think:

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Feed That Baby
Cute Nursing Bras
Sexy Nursing Bras on Wordpress

Let me know if there are others out there.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why Should You Buy A Sexy Nursing Bra Now

Boutiques and web sites are chock-full of dreadful, dreary maternity and nursing bras. But why should a new mum settle for those, I mean seriously. There are a variety of good reasons why knocked up and breastfeeding moms could consider looking for sexy nursing bras, but right here are the 3 reasons why they should consider a pretty, colorful alternative to add spice to their unexciting underwear drawer.

Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mommies Are Beautiful
An expectant woman is a wonderful sight to see. Although many women really don't feel that way during that time, pregnancy and breastfeeding give women beautiful curves. And we are all aware that curvy women are attractive to men (and women too!). So why hide all that beauty with a plain unappealing nude or white maternity or nursing bra. Grab something that is lacey, sexy and fun to accentuate your new body.

It Can Help To Boost Your Confidence
expecting and breastfeeding women may not feel that their new body is sexy. After gaining several pounds during pregnancy or if they are having trouble dropping the pounds after giving birth, new moms may be self-conscious about their body image. When a woman, pregnant or not, puts on pretty lingerie, it makes her feel sexy and confident. Putting on a sexy nursing bra and matching panty, will give her a much-needed boost.

#3: Your Significant Other Will Appreciate It
Let’s face it.
People enjoy lingerie! Women love dressing in lingerie because it make them feel great. Men like it because lingerie shows just enough of a woman’s body to make their imaginations go wild!!! While expecting or breastfeeding, a new mom typically focuses so much attention on the baby that they forget about their spouse, creating a lack in sexual intimacy. Surprising your significant other with sexy maternity lingerie or a colorful nursing bra and panty set is a great way to show them you are thinking of them.

Even though the market seems to be inundated with plain options for expecting or breastfeeding mommies, there are a few good options for sexy nursing bras and maternity lingerie. Check well-known baby websites like The Bump or Mothering to find referrals.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Are Underwire Maternity & Nursing Bras Safe?

Mazel Tov! You are going to be a mame!!! Your body is going through a phenomenal change in preparation for the arrival of your baby. So it’s important to have the proper bras during your pregnancy and while you are nursing. Why?? Because it will help give your breasts appropriate support and it will make breastfeeding your youngster convenient and discreet. But which kind of maternity and nursing bra should you get? One with or without an underwire?

Softcups bras, or those without underwire, are usually more comfortable. Especially when the boobies are at their fullest, which is during the last few months of pregnancy and the first two months of breastfeeding after your child is born. Some pregnant and nursing women select soft cups during pregnancy and while nursing due to the constant change in size and volume of their breasts, which often become hypersensitive and tender. However, a number of women are concerned softcup bras don't have support and ugly but there are several great options you can find that give support and that are beautiful.

Underwire bras are generally known to provide fantastic support and lift, nevertheless numerous doctors strongly recommend not wearing them during nursing. However, if you are one of those women who've always worn underwire bras and would prefer to wear one now, it is critical that you choose one that's flexible and padded. Also, be sure the wire fits well beneath and behind the breast tissue. Pressure on the breast tissue can result in a plugged duct and may cause mastitis.